Sam Galeotos on the Clean Power Plan

Good afternoon, my name is Sam Galeotos. I am a Wyoming resident,
businessman, and a Republican candidate for Governor.

I thank President Trump, and his administration for coming to Wyoming to
understand our needs. Let’s be clear – what’s good for Wyoming’s energy
producers is good for the nation.

The Clean Power Plan (CPP) deliberately targets Wyoming’s coal industry, with
the goal to reduce, if not eliminate, coal from the country’s economy. The Plan is a
gross intrusion of government into our lives, and devastating to our economy.

Impacts to Wyoming have been substantial. Too many of our friends, family, and
neighbors have lost their jobs, and been forced to move out of state. If the Plan
were to stay in place, even more harm to Wyoming will occur. Negative impacts
will include:

– Thousands of jobs lost in the coal industry;
– the projected forced retirement, of as many as four major coal-fired utility
plants in Wyoming, which employ hundreds of Wyoming citizens;

And, a dramatic increase in electricity prices, which will impose major cost
burdens on all Wyoming manufacturers, as well as consumers, including some of
our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and disabled.
There is no doubt the Plan would continue to devastate Wyoming’s economy, but
to make matters worse, the Wyoming Public Service Commission, concluded it is
impossible for Wyoming to meet the stated Plan standards.

As Chairman of Wyoming’s largest Data Center and IT Services Company, I am
deeply concerned, with the negative impact the Plan will have on our efforts to
diversify Wyoming’s economy, due to escalating electrical costs. 
Finally, the Plan does virtually nothing to impact global warming. Even if we
were to assume the EPA was correct, using EPA’s own estimate of climate
sensitivity, the Plan will only lower sea level rise by the thickness of three sheets
of paper. 
In return, the Plan devastates Wyoming’s economy for no meaningful purpose, and
has virtually no impact on the climate. It is a political statement, not a health
standard. I urge you to repeal the Clean Power Plan.
Thank you,

Sam E. Galeotos